Department of Political Science, Queens College

Vanessa M. Perez

Prof. Vanessa
        PerezAssistant Professor
Ph.D., Columbia University

Tel: (718) 997-5481
200W Powdermaker Hall
Office Hours: M & W 1:00-2:00pm

Vanessa M. Perez is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Queens College. She specializes in American politics, with a focus on electoral institutions, campaigns, race and ethnicity, political behavior, health care policy, and research methods. Dr. Perez also previously worked in the nonprofit sector in Washington, D.C. She is currently working on two projects, one on the impact of strict voting laws on turnout through a historical perspective and another analyzing the voting behavior of recent Puerto Rican arrivals to Florida in the 2018 midterm elections. Dr. Perez holds a PhD, MPhil, and BA in Political Science from Columbia University.

American Government and Politics (PSCI 100); Research Skills in Political Science (PSCI 200); The American Presidency (PSCI 212); The Legislative Process in America (PSCI 213); Political Parties and Elections (PSCI 218); Coloquium in American Politics: Latino Politics (PSCI 229); Coloquium in American politics: Civic Engagement and Leadership (PSCI 229); Political Culture and Political Socialization (PSCI 231).